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thortful greeting cards

thortful is a marketplace to bring together creators and consumers of greeting cards.

thortful is mobile first and design lead so the user experience for card consumers should be beautiful and the content should be appropriate (based on knowledge of sender and receiver demographics and using big data techniques to show the best cards for that person).

Creators are rewarded for their designs and the platform caters for photographers, illustrators and graphic artists.

thortful offers a cutting edge platform to purchase, via an App on your phone or tablet, or from the browser on your desktop, a vast choice of greeting cards, from world famous Creators, at any time, from anywhere, with the ability to personalize the message in your own handwriting, then print and deliver to your chosen person in any of 190 countries around the world.

• Offering Buyers access to 1500+ Creators, with multiple card designs per Creator, meaning a massive increase in choice for Buyers compared to the traditional retail store model.
• Allowing the card Creators to sell their designs online through the thortful platform direct to Buyers gives Creators greater and faster earnings per card sold than analogue retail methods.
• Using an in-house coded state of the art ‘recommender engine’ to help Creators and Buyers access the personal touch; giving them what they want, when they want it, more easily.
• Delivering Buyers the ability to buy using an App at anytime, anywhere via their own phone, tablet or at their Desktop.
• Personalising message content for Buyers with their own handwriting upload tool.
• High quality immediate printing of personalised cards and next day delivery taken care (in the UK) or rapid delivery anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

thortful greeting cards - the future of card giving