Areas of Interest

Areas of​​ Interest for Future Investment


I am actively looking for new investment opportunities – However for me to consider working with a company the opportunity needs to pass a few​​ tests to determine whether I will be interested

Tech Focus

I understand the Tech industry – how to build complex systems at scale. A project does not have to be tech lead – but tech has to be the underpinning of the company strategy​​ 

Mass market

Any project I back will need to have a broadly applicable product – it will need to have the potential to have large numbers of users

Brand lead

My experience at Powwownow has taught me the importance of brand and how to build and sustain a brand. ​​ I think that brand leads to mass market adoption

Internet of Things

I think that smart devices are the new frontier for software developers

One of the consequences of the sale of PWN is that I am able to give something back in terms of investments into the next generation of companies.

I have determined that I am not good​​ at assessing start up ideas. ​​ Every idea that is pitched to me appears to be interesting – the entrepreneur pitching it is passionate – they have determined how they will produce their product and how they will make money - ​​ 

I believe I am more use in the​​ growth phase of a company – where the initial idea has been developed and work needs to be done on the proposition, the go to market strategy and the issues of scaling the operation​​ 

I am more likely to invest in a great team than a great idea – I don’t believe that a company can be run by a single individual. ​​ It takes many talents to steer a company to greatness – I have rarely if ever see these in a single person.

I am most likely to invest in something that I understand. ​​ I understand tech businesses,​​ how to build a brand and how to undertake mass marketing.​​ 

I am less comfortable in an area where a product need to be sold into larger companies – this is a perfectly valid approach but the risk is higher and the first sales more vital than a mass market​​ company.

An idea has to have a significant quantity of Intellectual property. ​​ IE there is some distinct process or method or way of thinking that has not been done before.

An idea must be able to scale. ​​ 

I like marketplace concepts – where buyer and seller are brought together – preferably disintermediating an existing middle man which does little but charges a significant fee.

I like the hardware movement and the IOT (Internet of Things) - for the first time software people are able to bring their skill​​ to bear on physical objects.